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Canna-Tsu Marijuana, Order Weed Online From RX-C Canna-Tsu is a CBD dominant strain that results from a cross of Harlequin and Canantonic. This strain is a perfect alternative for those looking to treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all without the psychoactive effects that THC brings. CannaLabs - Incubator Accelerator - Breakthrough CannaLabs is an incubator / accelerator with programs that include seed investment, connections, sales, mentorship, educational components, and a demo day pitch event to accelerate growth. cbd Archives - Canna-Fusion Jun 20, 2018 · CBD potentiates THC’s analgesic effects for managing pain. Together, CBD and THC offer a broader therapeutic scope for pain management than CBD alone. Together they are the true Power Couple. This synergistic interaction between THC and CBD is further enhanced with various terpenes found naturally in the cannabis plant.

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Canna-Tsu is a Cannabidiol rich strain that comes with a promise of relief from various disorders that include, but are not limited to, nausea, Bipolar disorder, sclerosis spasms, convulsion, epilepsy and inflammation. In addition, Canna-Tsu can prevent the growth of certain cancer cells. The strain is composed of 0.52% THC, 18% CBD and 0.16% CBN.

STRAINS Archives ⋆ Cannahealth | Weed Delivery | Order MARIJUANA STRAINS Here at CANNAHEALTH you will find ever increasing information on the more than 500 MARIJUANA STRAINS. Marijuana strains essentially fall under 3 categories. INDICA – SATIVA – HYBRID From these three types of marijuana strains you get all manner of desirable products. From clothing to pharmacuticles and even building materials. For our purposes we are focused on the CANNA Products | The leading brand in plant nutrients An overview of all CANNA products like COCO, SUBSTRA, AQUA, TERRA, BIOCANNA, RHIZOTONIC, CANNABOOST, PK13/14 and CANNAZYM TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp – The Natural Remedy I have used the CBD Canna Oil for 3 weeks now. My primary reason for purchasing was as a sleep aid. I have tried all manner of products to help including over-the-counter and prescription medications, but none have helped the way that the CBD Canna Oil has helped! I find I sleep longer and deeper now and feel more refreshed in the morning. Cannalux CBD - eHelp.com

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