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Wikileaf: CBD Kush Marijuana Strain Information CBD Kush, created by the prolific Dutch Passion Seeds, is a strain specifically bred to yield a balance between THC and CBD effects. It is a cross between an unspecified, CBD-rich strain and the citrusy Kandy Kush. CBD Kush has between 1% to 8% THC and as much as 7% to 11% CBD. Buy OG Kush Auto Dinafem Seeds FEM | Original Seeds Store OG Kush Auto Seeds from Dinafem Seeds Since it first came onto the scene, OG Kush has been a hit with growers and smokers across the globe. But this new strain from Dinafem Seeds is set to make all other OG Kush strains fade into the background. Dinafem Seeds OG Kush Dinafem's OG Kush is a very powerful, but still gentle and pleasant smoke with a long-lasting brainy high and a nice physical tingle. She grows very beautiful with light green leaves producing a nice yield with impressive, dense, dark green, resin covered nugs. Reaches THC levels that verge on 24% and 0,23% CBD

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OG Kush is a solid medium plant with small popcorn-like nugs. It looks like it has no stem at all. Some of the many medicinal uses of OG Kush include pain relief for migraines and other pain related issues, stress, depression, anxiety, and lack of appetite. OG Kush - Dinafem Seeds - ラボテストによると、OG Kushは24%THCコンテンツと0.23%CBDを備えた非常に強力なバズを提供します。 彼女の効果は非常に強烈で、非常に陶酔的な肉体的パンチと脳パンチのようです。

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Read more below about each strain's effects and terpene profiles to find the perfect one With our highest CBD:THC ratio, the strain is non-psychoactive and many GSC is a hybrid of two very popular strains, OG Kush and Durban Poison. 15 Nov 2014 Purified CBD has been  22 Nov 2019 With different cannabinoid ratios, different effects can be achieved. Because of its THC content, this CBD hemp strain is also suitable for  4 Mar 2019 As the story goes, this plant was born and raised ocean-side by California growers. OG Kush is famous for its high THC and low CBD content. Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica. The origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants Kush. Kush close.jpg. A close up of dried "Bubba Kush" flowers Effects[show] Cannabidiol (CBD) · Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) · Effects · Amotivational syndrome · Cannabis in pregnancy · Cannabis use disorder (CUD)  6 Dec 2019 Critical Mass draws its relaxing and uplifting effects from the strong Averaging 20% THC with minimal amounts of CBD, it's a strain that flouts  There's nothing quite like that classic flavor of OG Kush, and this high quality disposable CBD vape pen evokes that tangy, herbaceous taste perfectly!

Named after the iconic Star Wars character, Skywalker OG Kush Oil is a high-THC product, with 21.5 mg/ml of THC and less than 0.1 mg/ml of CBD. Skywalker's calming effects offer an excellent counter to issues like insomnia, stress, ADD, 

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